Taste Board

Founded in 1979 by Süleyman Sezen, Sezen Gıda has become one of the important players in the honey sector with the Anavarza Honey brand, which plays an important role in the development of the region.  Read More 

Anavarza Honey was established within the company and subsequently Anavarza Honey left the company with the request of an independent organization to be audited. It is the only laboratory of the region with advanced technology at world standards. Read More 

Honeys at Anavarza are confirmed by all reliability analyzes performed at the Ari Laboratory and by flavor tests performed by the Anavarza taste board. Read More 

Children's Theater

Anavarza Honey, who gives children the love of bees through the theater, emphasizes the importance of bees in the ecosystem in the play that will be performed in collaboration with Tiyatrokare. Read More 

honey honey
Beekeepers travel across Anatolia inch by inch and feed their bees with their unique floral richness.Honey extracted with patience and laboriously is brought to facility of Anavarza Honey in Kozan, Adana. Read More