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Our Story

Founded in 1979 by Süleyman Sezen, Sezen Gıda has become one of the important players in the honey sector with the Anavarza Honey brand, which plays an important role in the development of the region. 

Anavarza takes its name from the ancient city of Anavarza, the symbol of Adana Kozan. Production facility is located in Adana-Kozan where is district of Turkey’s most honey produced.  

Sezen family, who knows the region and the region beekeeper very well, has lived in this region for generations. And it supplies its products from this region to a great extent. 

The Sezen Family believes that beekeeping is one of the most important elements in Kozan's development and, with this belief, puts beekeeping at the center of their business. 

Beekeepers in the geography of Anavarza Honey are migratory beekeepers; therefore, places where bees stop are very rich in plant diversity. 

In this way Anavarza Honey which sees Kozan’s leadership on honey and Turkey’s rich flower flora as an opportunity for the development of the region, has succeeded to become a national brand and different by glassing honeys with outstanding flavor. Anavarza Honey's production facility in Kozan has the laboratory infrastructure and production capacity to be among the top 10 facilities in the world. In addition to TSE, ISO2200 documents, it has the ‘BRC Global Standard - Grand:A’ certification which is given to distinguished food brands. 

Anavarza Honey has succeeded in making the region's characteristic a very strong feature of the brand when it enters the sector. Region beekeepers working manner and Turkey's rich flower flora has set the existence objective of the brand. “glassing honeys with outstanding flavor.”


To make people be a gourmet by presenting authentic honey to people in the most delicious form. 

To be the most preferred honey brand in the world for those looking for flavor in honey.