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What makes a honey delicious? How is it decided to flavor of honey produced by bees without human intervention? 

What makes honey delicious is its wealth. This wealth is shaped by the type and variety of flowers that the bee travels. Some flowers smell very good, their flavor in honey is just as much. 

The secret of Anavarza Honey is to obtain honeys based on these perianth. Anavarza Honey knows vegetation and delicious flowers well. 

It carefully collects honey from Turkey’s rich flower flora where fragrant flowers grows. 

Then, before meeting the tables, this honey is tested in sensory taste laboratories by “Anavarza Taste Board” in addiction to dozens of scientific tests. 

Good honey is not enough in Anavarza.  The taste on the mouth and the mark in the mind are important. Any honey that does not pass the flavor and smell test does not meet the tables.